El ride productions is a full service production company with a focus on truly independent films, documentaries and scripted series.

It is our goal to create a hub for independent filmmakers from all around the world to come together to share and create powerful and original stories. With many years of hands on experience, from reality television to feature films, the El Ride creative team brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the trials and tribulations of the indie film market. Combining this with our CEO's track record of success as an independent businessman has enabled our company to grow in a truly organic fashion.


Our team has developed a unique style and approach to modern day cinema which utilizes technology to minimize cost throughout various stages of the production process without sacrificing quality. However, what makes the El Ride experience memorable is the collaboration between passionate filmmakers in order to create something truly special. Our projects have been mentioned in publications such as The New York Times, Hollywood Reporter and Variety and are available on outlets such as iTunes, Amazon and Netflix.


El Ride takes on various roles in production to help supply premium content from around the world to the American film market and beyond. At the same time, we are building a talented and hungry team of filmmakers with varying styles capable of meeting the needs of all audiences.